Vintage 1980’s Signed Siti-Sharon. Gorgeous Guilloche Ombre Enamel Double Leaf Necklace and Earrings. The Ombre on both necklace and earrings are in three beautiful colors; from Silverish-Gray, to Silver-light Green, into a Silver-Darker Green. The leaf design on both necklace and earrings has a silver line design etched down the center of the leaf. The bold double leaf is affixed to a grayish/silver-silk thick cording, cording is beautiful, and still has all the the luster. The closure of clasp is a screw barrel. The same leaf design and Ombre color are found on the pierced earrings. The earrings having a marking of CL,  the CL is a known mark and means an item is silver clad or silver plated and not pure silver throughout. The earring backing/pierce is in excellent condition. The back of the necklace is marked “Siti-Sharon”. Both pieces are Excellent Vintage Condition.

I could not locate any history information on “Siti-Sharon”. If anyone has any knowledge of that mark please send me an email. In the mean time I’ll keep researching.

The measurements are as followed: Necklace; Length 17 1/2″ (end to end); Top Leaf to Top Leaf 4 1/2″ wide, Leaf Width 1 1/16″, Leaf Length 3 3/8″. Earrings; Length 1 1/2″, Width 5/8″

History Information Source: Written by Da-Sebra Vintage; History information from Da-Sebra where a wealth of historical context is available for your exploration. You are free to use any history information from website with proper credit to Da-Sebra

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